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Anonymous package

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A plain wooden headband with the atom design off her T shirt repeated five times across it and a note saying "Thank you."

[She could have just left it on her bed but that wouldn't be mysterious and Jade could potentially guess who it was and that would ruin all of Nesir's 'don't care' points.

But she always repays her debts.]
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gift and note

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[Pressed balsamine and red begonia on top of dried leaves of ivy.

A folded note written in neat cursive sits in front of the flowers.]

Balsamine: Impatience.
Begonia: A fanciful nature.
Ivy: Endurance.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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[It took her a while to think of something different enough to make so she wouldn't automatically connect her to the headband.

So it's a scarf pin, in the (very rough) shape of glasses. Not her best work but they were more awkward than she thought when she began. There's a note as well.]

I do be sorry. And I do be missing you talking to me.

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anonymous letter

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[He's traded his blue pen for a black one and actually decided to acknowledge that capital letters are a Thing, but there's still something about this letter that is distinctly Egbertian in nature.]

[Or would it be better to say Johvian in Jade's case?]

[Anyway, there are only two things written on an otherwise blank sheet of paper: a single line of text in the center and a two word prompt in the bottom right corner.]

What does a vegan zombie eat?
(Turn over -->)

[Come on, Jade. You know you want to.]


This is some seriously heavy shit. Even for someone who has been here for a while like you, it's like a morbidly obese sumo wrestler (because a normal sumo wrestler just isn't fat enough for this) just dropped on you out of the sky and expects you to carry him around like he's a rag doll or something.

You're a strong girl though, Jade. You can carry him around like he's an anorexic ant.

I know everything looks kinda bleak right now... nothing but doom and gloom no matter which way you look, but I promise that's not all that's out there. It's always darkest before dawn, but that doesn't mean that the sun isn't out there, waiting to rise. Ruana's ending is worse than the joke I opened this with and we aren't going to let her have her way. The gears are moving, Jade, things are in motion and I promise you that this isn't the end. Whether the end will be a year from now or sooner than that, I can't say. I am not psychic. But one thing I do know is that if we give up, we won't be able to claim our own ending. So "giving up" is going straight to the top of the "Things That Are Not Allowed In The Tower" list. If you need help following that rule, you have shoulders to lean on. Some of them may not be from your universe, but I guarantee you that they care about you all the same.

Everything is going to be okay. So don't lose hope, don't give up, and most importantly: don't forget how to smile.

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You are invited to celebrate the wedding of
Aleph and April Sinclair
at 1:00 PM on Thursday, August 8th
in the crystal caverns of the Tower of Animus
floor 99

We would be honored by your attendance

[Wedding post is here.]
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[A smuppet that looks like Bro. It's missing its head.]
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[A multicoloured note in bad handwriting

hello jade its romeo if you are still litter than fourteen then come to the ball pit floor tomorrow for a meeting

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[this note is in lots of colourful crayons, in handwriting which is childish but neat.]

deer everyone

i am riting a book on all the heros of the tower so that no one gets forgotted. but i dont know everyone and i dont want anyone to be missed out

so if you would like to can you please say who you fink is the best hero you know and what makes them a hero

you can do more than one name if you want

please send yore answers to romeo

or to room number two on floor one

thank you


[There are pictures at the end of smiling faces]