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Jade Strider ([personal profile] reddeadvirtuoso) wrote2012-08-21 04:59 pm
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Character Inventory

x1 pair of swankin' red God Tier pajamas and black sneakers
x3 vest/tie outfits
Four Aces
Felt Lost
Red Plush Lost

x1 Smuppetjacket (computer functionality gutted) Lost
x1 towel
x1 yellow smuppet Lost
x1 green squiddle toy
x1 calculator Lost
x1 screwdriver
x1 old camera + film
x1 Timephones (Regained)

Inventory On Person:
x1 red atom shirt with brown pants and sneakers
x1 pair of iShades (computer fuctionality gutted)
x1 ripped green scarf
x1 alchemized rifle with bayonet