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Player Information

Name: Plus
Personal Journal: [personal profile] plusone
Age: 19
Contact Info: AIM: plusanagi
PLURK: oleseiyah
Other Characters Played: [OU] Ventus, [OU] Fado, [AU1] Jin Shirato, [OU] Jun Kurosu

Character Information

Character Name: Jade Strider
Character Series: Homestuck [Red Dead Virgo/Violetescene]
Character Age: 13
Character Gender: Female (though androgynous)
Alternate Universe 1
Canon Point: Ourobourus, in the middle of initiating the Scratch.
Background Link: Homestuck, OU Jade Harley, OU Dave Strider
Red Dead Virgo, Violetescence Part 1, Violetescence Part 2
AU Background: Red Dead Virgo and Violetescence starts by giving the Trolls different blood colors-- thus changing their position on the Hemospectrum, and some of their temperment, as well as giving the kids different Guardians and genetics. Kanaya has the candy red blood mutation that Karkat has in canon, Eridan has jade blood, Karkat has cerulan blood, etc. Jade, instead of being raised by herself and a First Guardian dog on an island, was raised by Bro strider in their apartment in the middle of Texas. Rose was raised by Dad Egbert, Dave (now David) was raised by Mom Lalonde, and John was raised on the island with a dead grandpa and Bequerel. As it turns out, John is her ecto-biology brother, making them both a mix of Grandpa and Bro's genetics, while David and Rose are a mix of Mom and Nanna's genetics (yeah it's weird.)

Thus, Jade lived the canon life of Dave Strider, being immersed in the ways of the cool kid, bad video games and art, and smuppets. Unlike Dave however, their relationship was not founded on one-up manship; she emulated her brother, looked up to him, and he in return, though still aloof, secretly "testing" her and a bit crazy, did take care of her a bit more closely and carefully. She knew he truly did care though, unlike most rebellious teenagers of her age, and thus was very close to him even up until their entry into the game.

Just as in canon, Jade is still a Prospit dreamer along with John, and she still woke early to see the clouds in Skaia, though she didn't understand them nearly as much as John. In the Medium, she followed canon Dave's journey as the Hero of Time (in this version, the Witch of Time, with David being the Knight of Light, Rose the Seer of Breath and John the Heir of Space) in the land of Frost and Clockwork-- only she was much, much worse at it. Doomed timelines and dead bodies kept piling up, until eventually she came into contact with the jade-blooded Eridan-- whom she immediately scorned. And then, sort of became friends with once he tried to help her out after her Bro died.

Bro's death left her a complete mess at first, but just like the others, she had to keep going. Events are roughly the same up until Rose ascends to God Tier in canon John's place, and Jack Noir-- dubbed "the Demon"-- begins ruining basically everything. So Jade makes a plan with Eridan to initiate a two-fold Scratch in both of their universes; resetting their universes to give the doomed session a winning chance. In order to achieve the power to accomplish this feat, Jade asks Eridan how to reach God Tier and sets out to do this herself-- unlike canon Dave, she has no rivalry with Rose that makes her want to do well without the godly powers, so she reaches her quest bed and ends up being killed by one of her Doomed Selves. Unfortunately, the Demon is a complete anomaly of Sburb, and causes even more trouble in canon, even with two God Tier players. Jade is still pretty inept at managing the timeline, and the Demon just keeps on stabbing her, so it's a good thing she keeps resurrecting.

David is the one to go grimdark this time, and he completely loses it; Jade tries to help him out, and Rose ends up dying to protect both of them from the Demon in a most heroic of deaths. Jade is left with a grimdark David, barely snapping out of his madness at the death of his ecto-sister, and basically useless until he comes to his senses. She takes him with her to the Land of Frost and Clockwork, while John goes off to confront the Demon and try to buy her some time to do the Scratch. Working with Eridan, they initiate their double-Scratch, and the universe they know begins to unravel.
Personality: Due to her upbringing by Bro, Jade adopts many of her mannerisms form the canon Dave Strider; she plays the role of the cool kid in the group, acting aloof and composed, and for the most part, keeping a calm and even tone in most situations. She acts much more boyish than her canon counterpart, and is much more blunt and brash. If she had her way, she'd rather be spending her time messing around doing dumb stuff and video games than having to combat an apocalyptic situation. She'll use sarcasm to make fun of a lot of stuff, but unlike Dave, has about zero grasp on irony whatsoever, to the point where she doesn't even try anymore.

Beneath the coolkid exterior, Jade is actually a very caring and sincere person, and though she jokes a lot about things she doesn't mean at all, she's always willing to help someone in need, especially her friends. She makes no act of hiding how important they are to her and how much she cares about them (though she'll still jokingly rip on them). When push comes to shove, she's not afraid to show that she cares. She's protective of those she's close to, and will do everything in her power to protect them and keep them safe no matter what the cost to herself may be-- to the point of accumulating many Doomed Timelines trying to protect them and being ready to jump back as many times as she has to to try and keep Bro alive.

Her cool kid act comes at a detriment when it comes to emotional expression. Jade is actually a very emotional person, with an optimistic and enthusiastic underlying personality, similar to her canon counterpart. But because of how she was raised, she feels like she shouldn't express her extremer emotions, be they negative or positive. If she gets extremely upset, she'll usually shut herself off from those around her, even her friends, and try to cover it up to show that nothing's wrong-- and she flat out just doesn't like talking to people when she's upset. Half the time she wants to reach out and talk to someone more, but she stops herself from doing so do to her own embarrassment and anxiety, even if she wants to make friends with them. Nevertheless, She's a huge determinator with a sizeable amount of willpower, but the problem is she's not the smartest when it comes to planning and coordinating, as shown by her mediocre management of the timeline. She has good intentions, but also has a habit of rushing forward, guns blazing into a situation to try and figure out what to do as she goes. The same goes even when speaking to people, as she can and will make promises to help people that she cares about without knowing anything about the situation or even knowing what to do (as evidenced by her resolution to help fix David's terminal condition of grimdarkness even though she had no idea what was going on). When she DOES have a plan however, she's very capable and comeptent at implementing and putting it into place, as long as she doesn't try to think as she goes.

To some degree, she does manage to fulfill the coolkid quota of keeping calm in the face of trouble; even though she can get really upset, Jade also pushes herself through her tough spots with a cold exterior, for better or worse. If she has some kind of goal she needs to accomplish, then it's much easier, and even though she'll want to quit and throw a fit, she won't stop going forward if she's got shit to do. Instead, she will shove all her feelings to the side in order to make sure what she needs to do gets done. She's a bit fearless (given the fact that even though she was nervous, she was ready and willing to kill herself to reah God Tier), but not so much because of bravery as it is she feels she's got something to prove, and maybe a touch of stupidity.

Jade feels the need to prove herself to people, especially her Bro; she's the cool kid, she wants to live up to people's expectations, and she especially wants to make her Bro proud. He told her that she'd be able to handle things when he died, and she doesn't want to disappoint him-- and in fact doesn't want to disappoint anyone. She wants to be able to help people, so if she resolves to do something, you can be damn well sure she'll get there eventually, even if she has to fight tooth and nail. She's a bit reluctant to accept help because of this, both because she wants to prove she's capable and be able to help people on her own, and because she doesn't want anyone else to get hut in her endeavors (she knows she can be pretty stupid about stuff). Because of her and her friends' catastrophic failure at Sburb, she feels like she has failed not only Bro, but also Rose, David, John, and basically a shitton of other people that she doesn't even know. She's developed a critical amount of self-esteem (which is to say she has about none), and has developed a cynical sense of humor and readily rips on herself for her failures and shortcomings, as she believes she's a failure. Despite that, she continues trying and trying-- despite how much she thinks she'll fail and how much of a idiot she is, she's stubborn to a fault and refuses to ever give up even when all hope is lost, continuing to be weirdly optimistic despite her verbal cynicism.

Despite her poor self-esteem, Jade can actually be pretty smart when she puts her mind to her-- though she's not much of an artist, and she's absolutely atrocious at irony. She is still musically inclined, with an impressive skill at playing her electric guitar. However, she's still rather prodigious in her own ways; she has a passing interest in science and math, and an innate talent in both. However, that doesn't quite fit her cool kid image, so she keeps it on the down-low. And since she's not very good at what she thinks is cool, she doesn't think she's very good at anything. She's not very easily creeped out (she thinks Bro's smuppets are actually charming), and all of her Bro's challenges she's met with characteristic enthusiasm to try and make him proud-- and in fact most challenges are.

Abilities: Jade is a God Tier Hero of Time; this means she has the ability to travel foward and backwads in time at her behest. In order to do this safely, however, and maintain the integrity of the Alpha/Main Timeline, she has to create stable timeloops. Failing to do so will create a "Doomed" Timeline that wasn't supposed to exist, and resulting in the death of any Jade that isn't the original (as there can only be one without theatening an even greater time anomaly). Being a God Tier Witch of Time also grants her the ability to freeze time around her (as seen by a god tier Time player in the original canon), and presumably allows her time powers to have a farther reaching influence, be more influential and powerful, be able to hold for longer, go back or forward farther, etc-- basically having more "gas in the engine."

Being a God Tier player in Sburb also means she has conditional immortality; if she is attacked fatally, instead of permanently dying, she will resurrect good as new. The only way to kill her permanently is if her death is Heroic or Just-- that is, if she is killed in a heroic sacifice sort of fashion, or if she has been going around being a total asshole and killing other people and she finally gets her just deserts.

She also has...some degree of skill with a rifle, although she has pretty crappy aim. She refuses to use another weapon however, though does have some experience using a sword from frequent sparring matches with her brother.
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