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Jade Strider ([personal profile] reddeadvirtuoso) wrote2012-07-10 04:31 pm
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Text + Permissions

As with all Homestuck characters, Jade Strider uses the notorious colored courier font when writing on network communities.

like the canon strider she uses red courier and absolutely zero proper punctuation
occassionally shell use punctuation for empashsis though like ! or ? and multiple uses thereof
she also has a tendency to include an emoticon or two for ironic purposes :|
and to top it all off she cusses like a fucking sailor in the mid 17th century

If any part of her typing quirk bothers you, please let me know! You can opt out for as much as you like with her typing style, and I'll do my best to respect your wishes while remaining in character. If you'd rather completely opt out of interacting with her period, that's perfectly fine as well. Just let me know here! Comment screening on and anonymous enabled to assure privacy.